Products of our CNC milling in Melbourne

Our Machining centers cover both vertical and high speed horizontal. All of our machining centers are 4 axis and can be programmed from solid models utilizing Mastercam software. With auto pellet changers on our horizontal machines 24 hour / 7day production is achieved. We at Hargo Engineering use ultra-modern multi-axis tools for precise removal of the material across different types of plane surfaces. Our CNC milling services are trusted by many customers in Australia today because we offer highly flexible solutions and use innovative production engineering approach whether the job at hand is big or small.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Milling makes use of G-codes or commands for programming machinery. Every alphanumeric code has been developed for performing some designated function by the machine. The term CNC Milling is actually an extension of NC (Numerically Controlled) Milling. It was in the 1950s that the MIT along with US Air Force created NC Milling. The main purpose behind the development of the project was to assist with helicopter rotor blades development. By 1960s, the process started gaining popularity in the commercial sphere. It was after 2 decades computer numerical controlled milling machine was created and started to be used for commercial processes. The alphanumeric codes used for programming the milling machines help in controlling the movements of hand wheels, machine drills, tables and lever axis.

Efficiency and CNC precision in melbourne

Unlike other service providers who are still using traditional machinery, we employ the use of world class machines with live tooling capacities. We keep up with the latest advancements in the machining technology. Our design team recommends new CNC Milling centers and modern tools every quarter to improve the overall performance of our production. With routine checks and improvements in milling machinery, it ensures smooth and hassle free production of components on time.

Despite the upgrade of machinery, we also recognize the limitations of technology. To guarantee precision, advanced machinery alone is not sufficient. It is through a constant organizational inculcation of the principles of precision engineering in all our engineers, designers and production staff that we are now in a position to manufacture world class precision component. This allows us to provide services at a reasonable and affordable cost for businesses of different sizes.

Our in-house production engineers supervise every manufacturing step followed by the production staff and technicians to make sure all precision components are no less than the perfect model! Right from the first contact to the final dispatch of a component, an experienced supervising engineer keeps track of the quality and precision standards.

The main benefit of CNC machines is that conventional machining tools that required human interference can now be programmed with CNC machines for performing different tasks. Presently, milling services are offered by different companies so as to assist businesses in getting the job done in the right manner.

The differentiation of CNC Milling machines from one another is done on the basis of number of axis available with them. Vertical movements are completed with the help of X and Y axis whereas horizontal machining movements are performed by Z axis. Traditional CNC Milling machines usually consist of 4 axis. On the other hand, some machines may include 2 axis while, others consists of 3 axis which helps with the creation of 3D designs. Even machines with 5 axis are also available that are capable of performing precise works with enhanced flexibility. However, machines with 5 axis do have a downside as they are quite large and require increased space for storage.

Further expertise in cnc milling services in melbourne

With Hargo Engineering by your side, you do not need to look elsewhere for CAD CAM expertise. Our technicians are just a call away to help you with prototype design. You can also discuss component design with our experts at length. Design, development and manufacturing of precision components in a time bound manner – we’re here to assist you from the first step to the last!

Adaptive service

Over the last few years, we have successfully met the needs of diverse industries. Whether you require our services for architectural, agricultural or dental solutions, you can rely on Hargo Engineering for all your requirements.

We do not just rely on years of precision engineering operations experience but also involve domain consultants and industry experts to provide the best service to every manufacturer irrespective of the industry or sector it belongs to.

In addition, we also acknowledge the importance in providing a timely delivery of precision components for all manufacturing company. We are committed to provide precision engineering solutions along with a superior customer service. It is due to this reason that Hargo Engineering has a high customer retention rate. Nearly 9 out of 10 new customers come back and outsource us even bigger assignments pertaining to milling operations.

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